Pressemitteilung - Piroska_Project launcht erste Kollektion

New fashion label Piroska_Project launches first collection

Munich/28 November 2021

The young fashion label Piroska_Project stands for high quality and sophisticated designed blouses and tunic dresses inspired by Hungarian folklore, among other things.The project was born out of founder Katalin Kiss' desire to reinterpret the folklore fashion of her native Hungary.
The light blouses and tunic dresses are produced by family-run manufactories in the Carpathian Basin, partly by hand fair and exclusively for Piroska_Project. In addition, founder Katalin Kiss wants to do her part to preserve craftsmanship in Europe with Piroska_Project, to champion small businesses with her label, paving the way for a new generation of craftsmanship.

The design

Inspired by Hungarian folklore fashion of the 1920s and 1930s, as well as Matyó embroidery, Katalin Kiss developed three different styles with boho flair in collaboration with designer Tanja Hellmuth: blouse "Piroska" (in five color designs), the hero piece of the collection, tunic blouse "Luca" (in six color designs) and tunic dress "Rozsi" (in three color designs). The garments are made of finest, slightly transparent cotton in noble crinkle look.

The embroidery in modern cross-stitch that adorns each garment is a stylized peony, deeply rooted in the tradition of Matyó embroidery. The deep neckline can be adjusted with hand-twisted cords and pom-poms made of polyester. The wide balloon sleeves and traditional smock details at the shoulders, sleeve hems and, in the case of the hero piece "Piroska", at the waist, make Piroska_Project's styles individual statement pieces. All Piroska_Project garments are 100 percent Made in Europe and 100 percent made with passion and attention to detail.


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