INTERVIEW with Claudia Lassner

Claudia Lassner is a designer and owner of the sustainable jewelry label Cocci Jewelery from Munich. Claudia (39) is a mother of a child aged 7 months.

Claudia is 168 cm tall, dress size 36 and wears blouse "Piroska" in size 1.


How would I describe my clothing style?

Depending on what's on the agenda: on walks with my daughter I like sporty casual, in the studio& store classy, but comfy! My basic rule is like with many things: less is more. Through breaks and special accessories I try to give my outfits a small, subtle twist.

What is the favorite piece from my jewelry collection?

My daily companion is the Fallingstar Helix in yellow gold and with a small white diamond. And otherwise I like to switch between the Long Thread Earrings in gold or my current favorites, the Swinging Ego Earrings, which also look great with long hair.

What do I do when I have time for myself?

Then I get on the mat and do the super Barre Work Out from Little by Little, after which I feel incredibly energetic. But I also like to relax on the couch and flip through various fashion and interior magazines, I love that!

What can people give me pleasure with?

With everything that comes from the heart and with chocolate!

Why do I love my "Piroska" blouse?

Because of my own Transylvanian roots, I have a special connection to folklore design and making. In addition, the material and workmanship is just great. I attach great importance to that.

How do I combine my Piroska?

Actually, you can wear it with really ANYTHING - sometimes with high waist jeans, sometimes with high cut Marlene pants. In the summer, I look forward to combining it with denim shorts or a short skirt. I just love this blouse because it is so versatile!